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It is always a winning idea to create holiday items yourself. There are many ways to make a photo zone with your own hands. Everything is ...

Ideas for self-made photo booth

It is always a winning idea to create holiday items yourself. There are many ways to make a photo zone with your own hands. Everything is determined only by your abilities, imagination, and possibilities:

• You can decorate the wall with bright paper pompons. Photos taken on this background will look great.
•  Make paper flower photo booth. Very interesting solution, which does not require special skills, but at the same time looks bright.
• Paper garlands, on the background of which it is also possible to create interesting festive photographs.
• Decoration of the usual wall. It can be decorated with anything, depending on the holiday drive. These can be romantic inscriptions, photo frames, collages, and vintage watches.
Such variants, created independently, are attractive not only by their originality but also by affordable cost.

A few more ideas from Mari Wanna London Photo Booth:
Your photo booth, the design of which will depend on the orientation of the holiday and your personal desires, can have numerous designs. And you can pay attention to these options:

• Press wall (thematic banner). Such an interesting thing is especially suitable for family celebrations. The banner can hold the most vivid photos of the newlyweds or birthdays when it comes to weddings. It can be thematic - anything you can print

• Balloons. Inflated balls can successfully fill the space where your guests will pose. Using balloons you can create fountains, chains, other bizarre designs. It is better not to choose very bright balls, as guests can simply get lost in their form. The gentle pastel range is much better.

• Tapes Here you need only a high horizontal bar, which can be fixed to the door or fences, and, for example, placed between the cabinets of identical length. Decoration with ribbons will look good in nature - a light breeze will make it even more charming.
• A slate. No, this option is suitable not only for school or college. By drawing and writing something solemn and extraordinary on a board, you can create an interesting background for the photos.

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Photo booth from paper flowers of different sizes looks very attractive. The advantage of a photo booth with giant flowers is it...


Photo booth from paper flowers of different sizes looks very attractive.

The advantage of a photo booth with giant flowers is its wide profile. Flowers are suitable for almost any event: for a wedding, for an on-site photo shoot, for a birthday party (for children and adults), for corporate parties.

    It can be not only a flower wall but also a big screen, a grid or a banner on a metal frame. Flowers are attached to the vertical surface in the form of beautiful composition.

   You probably have seen a photo booth of paper flowers, located very close to each other. This is a solid floral carpet, which often consists of white multi-layered flowers. If such a photo booth is illuminated with colored spotlights (lilac, pink, blue, yellow), it turns out just fabulous. In this case, the flowers are made of easy construction, since the beauty of such a composition is in the number of flowers.

flowers photo booth

Photos   are   must   have   for   each   celebration .  They   better   tell   about   the   bright ,  positive   and   merry   moments   ...


Photos are must have for each celebrationThey better tell about the brightpositive and merry moments of birthday partiesguests and friends ... One of the ways to make holiday photos more interesting and brighter is to organize a special photo boothPhoto zone quickly became an important element of celebrationsWhether you are planning a weddingbirthday or just holding a party in the officecreating a fun background is a great way to set the tone of any big event.
Creating a wonderful background will turn a usual place into an attractive area and is the first step towards achieving the serious goals of the photo shootAlong with the absolute trend of the balloon walls of the photoshootthere are many creative possibilities that can use everything from toys and to the paper plates.


Photobooth with balloonsbright variety of colorsshapesdesignsand ideasYou can decorate any part of the wall or prepare a special boothThe background may be very different in color.

Photobooth with rainbow backgroundWhen it comes to the photo zonethe use of the requisition of the holiday as part of the background - always a creative processMake sure that your details are bright and colorfulplay rainbow with colored ribbonsand clouds in the form of paper ballsUse a fishing line and foam board to hang balls and colorful serpentines.

Tropical background for the photobooth:
This floral backgroundinspired by summer and tropicsis perfect for a theme that brings warmth even if it is still cold outsideAdd flamingo d├ęcorpineapplesbouquet-colored glassesand your photos will become super tropical.

Paper garlands:
Hang the colored paper garlands for a beautiful and elegant lookThis photo contains a pink photo areabut you can choose any color scheme.

The right backgroundaccording to the atmosphere of the holidaycombined with the masterful actions of the photographerwill help you to get really impressive photos for you and your guestsIn additionthe photo space can be used as an element of additional entertainment for guests before the banquet and during a breakThe main condition is not to restrict yourself to standards and think creatively - the background for photo sessions can be any topic that you like.

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