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With the help of styli sh photo booth , you can make your event colorful and exclusive, besides, it is a great place for fun and jokes o...

Photo booth for girls

With the help of stylish photo booth, you can make your event colorful and
exclusive, besides, it is a great place for fun and jokes of your guests. Mari Wanna London Photo Booth
will create an individual project for a photo zone for you, immersing the shooting characters in the necessary atmosphere.
If you are going to celebrate the birthday of your daughter than the following options may be interesting for you.
Photo booth for a princess
This a variant exclusively for girls. The theme of princesses is the most suitable for girls aged from about 3 to 7 years. It is at this age that little ladies feel like queens and princesses. Necessary attributes - chiffon or tulle, and of course a large crown, which is easy to make yourself from cardboard, decorated with sparkles or foil. You will also need large flowers, a decorative cardboard castle, a small chair, decorated in the form of a throne.

Flower theme
This photo zone can be arranged for girls of both preschool age and primary school age. Flower theme is quite versatile, adult guests will certainly want to take pictures against such a background as well.
For a floral background, you will need a plain wall or a piece of fabric on which large flowers made of paper or fabric are attached. Complete the overall picture with bright butterflies.

On a big balloon

Such a ball can be voluminous if there is a suitable basket or box. Volumetric ball serves as a functional decoration in which you can put the child. But if the basket was not found, then you can cut the ball out of cardboard. Then it will be just a part of the background. You will also need large balloons filled with helium, and a blue background, symbolizing the sky.

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